This year The Crocker had had the most amazing exhibit of the year.

Hi-Fructose was possibly the greatest show that I have ever attended. A good exhibit will amaze art lovers and an amazing exhibit will amaze everyone from old-timers to teens and even the little kiddos.

Right when the elevator doors open you’re taken to a whole nother world(Flawz Jawz Video). As I was recording and photographing seeing those doors open and hearing everyone’s reaction was quite amusing. Hi-Fructose did a great job of taking you into Dr.Seuss’s World.

When you walk into the art exhibit you’re still being amazed, from the art to the logo that was painted on the side. The work in the exhibit was so great and lifelike, I felt the art would pop out of the canvas and start playing, right out of a cartoon. Hi-Fructose had a variety of artworks, which is one of the reasons it was so great, no repetition, but an art buffet. The exhibit even had hands-on art, there was a couch in front of a projection that would put your mind at ease, along with view-master reels that made the photographs pop out in front of you.

The only thing I did not like about Hi-Fructose was that it ended so soon, the exhibit was actually up for a decent amount of time I just made the mistake of attending the exhibit in the last few days which didn’t give me the chance to visit as much as I wanted to. I wanted to record a longer video through the exhibit but the last weekend it was up The Crocker was packed with people. Stay tuned for a longer video.