If you read my previous post you should already know what’s happening here, Viewpoint student work. To be honest this show was a lot better than expected, this trip to Viewpoint was a complete success, which isn’t something I’ve always been able to say…

One of the reasons I didn’t enter the show is because I’ve never been much of a street photography but I wish I would have given it a go, I most likely wouldn’t have made it in seeing the stuff that did make it but would have been a fun learning experience.


I could have easily chosen another photo to talk about but I liked this one more. Laurie’s image reminded me much of Norman Rockwell’s: The Problem We All Like With. Now that’s not why I chose it but as you can see its a pretty good image. I liked the contrast and everything seems well lit, now I was just wondering if this was  self portrait or a random gal passing by. One thing I always love seeing next to photographs are descriptions of the images, even if its a one liner. So if you pass by Viewpoint gallery make sure to read up on Laurie’s image to find out who was photographed.