Since school has been out I haven’t been to any art galleries and with more time on my hands now I’m planning on being more consistent and even starting “Featured Artist”, but for now another art gallery.

A while ago when visiting Viewpoint I saw they were going to have a student competition and they have finally hung them up. But this post isn’t about the students that’ll be part 2, this will be about Susan Turner, photographer(smile, wink).

What I enjoyed about her photographs was the happiness in them, they’re wealthy with money but you can see joy in them with their smile. Something I can easily relate to. 

On the side note, I’ve always had trouble with the white balance at Viewpoint, I don’t shoot galleries in raw otherwise this would be an easy quick fix. Don’t be alarmed, next visit to Viewpoint would be a lot better, hopefully.



Possibly my favorite photo from Susans show would be “Like a Frog”, the main reason would be it reminds me so much about “Derriere La Gare De Saint-Lazare. The main focus would be, What happens next? I remember arguing with someone in photography class one day on how the gentleman completely fell into the water in Saint-Lazare photo. Of course, I didn’t look into it but I figured why would they be a giant 6′ hole in the middle of nowhere, so yes I was wrong.