One show that I will never miss, The American River College Student Competition. One of the best student shows I have ever seen, and no not because I am an ARC student, not because my photograph was excepted, and no not because my photograph won an award. ARC’s 2017 Student Exhibition didn’t have much of any artwork that made you say, “Da Hell Is This Crap?”.

Every year ARC’s James Kaneko Gallery always has a different juror, this year it was Shelly Willis. Ms.Willis made her selection for the show along with Best of Show, 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, and a photo award.

Visitors were allowed to vote for their favorite one which will receive a Fan Favorite award during the closing ceremony. When I visited the gallery I would ask the other students which one they voted for but not one of them wanted their vote to be known.


Location: Sacramento, CA

Gallery: James Kaneko Gallery at American River College