As I was out and about visiting art galleries one day I was walking by Viewpoint Gallery in Sacramento and since I had just visited a few weeks before I wasn’t planning on dropping by and I was passing I noticed Viewpoint had new photographs up and as a photography student I decided to take a small detour.

Viewpoint Gallery was featuring “Italia Bella” photography by photography buddies Donald Satterlee and Michael Dunlavey. Satterlee and Dunlavey had both photographed Italy and showed amazing landscapes from all over.

Every time I visit a gallery I ask if I may photograph, sometimes they let me shoot away but at different times the galleries will limit on what I can shoot. That being said, in that days visit they asked me not to photograph to close, so I apologize about the distant photographs. The good thing about it is that now if you’re interested in the show you have to get up and take a trip downtown. Make it a date, take a stroll, visit 1-3 galleries and pass by and grab a bite to eat.