I can’t quite remember when I went to Sac State but if I had to guess it was a Monday,
either way, I took a small trip to Sac state to check out the (4?) galleries that I’ve heard of. Although there are 4 galleries I was only able to visit 3 of them as the Library Gallery was closed for lunch time (“lunchtime”).

The galleries were all full of students work, the annual student competition. Of course, I want to start by congratulating on the students on a good job making the show, and the students that didn’t make, keep it up, don’t let some dumb student show keep you from doing what you love. Trust me when I say I know what it feels like to be rejected to a show.

The shows were nice, not the best that I’ve seen since I like photography and I didn’t really much of any photos.


R.W Witt Gallery

A series of works by Ron Fuentes



Robert Else Gallery

Student Works



Union Building

Student Works