On February of 2017, I did something I should have done in 2011, follow my photography professors blog. In early March she had posted about a show being held at the James Kaneko Gallery at American River College(ARC), she made a big deal about it and since it was by work I made sure to make time for it.

As always before photographing or making conversation with gallery officials. Now, this wasn’t the first gallery I visited but it was the first galleries I visited with people going in and out. I was slowly photographing and the nice lady came up to me with the Gallery flyer. She started talking to me about the show, ARC had to receive a grant to bring all these works, which makes sense why my professor sounded serious about the show.

I liked this show, it had a good amount of portrait work but as much as I liked it I couldn’t seem to connect with the African American art, I didn’t feel I was being drawn towards it. That being said I have a hard time recommending this show unless you’re interested in African American Culture.