Hello and many welcomes from Flawz Jawz.

I wanted my first post to be memorable, I didn’t want to post a small gallery or little photo competition and after hearing about Ansel Adams photographs being shown at The Crocker Museum in Sacramento, California I knew it what I had to do. Although this will be my first, it definitely won’t be my best.

Before I get into the photos I want to say what a great job The Crocker does with this room, from lighting to paint and carpet, its gives such a nice vibe, this room is perfect to show the photographs.

From Feb 19 to May 14, The Crocker Museum will be Showing “Two Views”, photographs by Ansel Adams and Leonard Frank, a collection of photographs documenting Japanese Americans being incarcerated in the United States during WWII after President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066.

I didn’t do any research before going to The Crocker that day, Two Views was probably the last thing I expected. Knowing Ansel Adams more of an art and landscape photographer, this caught me by surprise. Before taking a history class at a community college I didn’t pay much attention to history, one part I enjoyed at was the information plaques, they gave many details about the photographs and gave further explanation about the camps. After leaving  I felt I had just finished reading a history book, with pictures.

If you pay attention to the photos, you’ll see a couch, in front of the couch there was a little table with little books. Guests were able to write down what their thoughts on the photographs. I took some time to read through the books, many guests noticed as what I did. History is repeating, how Roosevelt hurt Japanese American, Trump is doing the same with Muslims and other races. Hopefully we won’t have to wait 40 years to see Trump is wrong.

I want to end this post with acknowledging how great Ansel Adams photos were, I’m not specifically talking about framing and what he photographed but his developing and printing. If you pay attention to the details in his photographs you can easily argue he photographed and printed almost perfectly. Leaving I felt I was a better photographer since then I have been paying more attention to details while editing my photographs.